“.45” – Louis Berry


In a year lacking in good old rock ‘n roll videos, our favorite rock video production of the year thus far comes from Liverpool rock revivalist Louis Berry.

Directed by Finn Keenan, “.45” is a frenetic ride through what makes us tick. Shot primarily in black and white, “.45” introduces us to an assortment of everyday people doing what they love – from old-school calisthenics to having a pint and everything in-between.

Propelled by a magnetic performance by Berry, “.45” rockets through through England’s side streets – setting a blistering pace that doesn’t let up until the final frame.

For more from Louis Berry (whose debut EP “Rebel” was recently released on Ministry of Sound recordings), be sure to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Artist: Louis Berry
Title: “45”
Director: Finn Keenan
Production Agency: Riff Raff Films


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