“7 Versions of You” – Windows 7

“7 Versions of You”


Promote the productivity-enhancing power of Windows 7 to college students.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

Microsoft wanted a video that grabbed the attention of college students and showed them the productivity-enhancing power of Windows 7. Using humour, positivity and vibrant colors, we were asked to create a video that cut through the clutter of traditional advertising, and gave college students a reason to be excited about the Windows 7 brand.

To promote the new features of Windows 7, we developed a concept that shows how Windows 7 boosts the productivity of your average college student seven-fold. Using a multi-layered approach and motion-tracking, seven versions of our actor interact with one another within a single dorm room – creating a fun, unique visual experience for viewers, while at the same time clearly outlining the new features of Windows 7.

This video won 5th place at the Microsoft/Mofilm Tribeca competition, and was used by Microsoft to promote Windows 7 across its social properties.

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