A Game of Thrones Throwback

Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

Game of Thones – “VHS Intro”

With the world sufficiently recovered from last week’s wild “Game of Thrones” finale, we thought it was a fine time to dig up this gem from a few years ago.

Animator and #GOT fan Mikolaj Birek re-imagines the show’s distinctive theme as an 80’s-style intro, complete with crappy synth music, tracking issues, and ridiculous title shots of the stars.

Recalling the cinematic magic of shows like “Beastmaster” and “Manimal“, Birek’s “Game of Thrones” intro is truly something to behold.

PRO TIP: For maximum effect, ensure you watch the intro at 240p.


McCann Mexico – “Best Day Sausage”

An early contender for the year’s most bizarre ad, McCann Mexico brings us “Best Day Sausage”.

The spot opens with a beautiful coastal scene, shattered as local townspeople come to a sobering discovery: a giant sausage has beached itself and is near-death.

Despite the locals’s best efforts, the sausage slips away – it’s last moments spent in the awkward embrace of a grieving child.

A classic bait-and-switch, “Best Day Sausage” is intended to showcase the increased elbow-room travellers can enjoy if they book business-class with BestDay.com – a discount online travel provider.

Is the concept unique? Absolutely.

Is the spot well-executed? Incredibly so.

Did we have any idea what the hell the thing was advertising? Not a @!#$ing clue.

Mac DeMarco – “Another One”

This week’s final video comes from Canadian indie rocker Mac DeMarco, with his admirably awkward clip for “Another One”.

A low-budget video veteran, DeMarco has generated big views with several of his previous videos, including the VHS-chic of “Ode to Viceroy” and the vaguely disturbing “My Kind of Woman“.

Equal parts breakup song and bizarre homage to The King of Pop, “Another One” sees DeMarco mournfully playing various instruments and miming dance moves wearing the creepiest Michael Jackson mask imaginable.

Extra points for ripping the bass solo in the surf, Mac:


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