“Are U Having Any Fun?” – Hoodie Allen


Director Jackson Adams and video production agency Steel Wool Media take us back to the 90’s in this fun clip for Hoodie Allen’s “Are U Having Any Fun?”

A mashup of “Blind Date” and classic graphic adventure games like “Leisure Suit Larry”, “Are U Having Any Fun” sees Allen pull out all the stops as he tries to win the affections of his date. Will Smith CDs, street artist portraits, mariachi bands – you name it, it’s part of Allen’s game.

A fun meter tracks his progress as Hoodie makes decisions in real-time to avoid several dating disasters. Things seem to be going well until an unplanned genre switch at an inopportune moment changes everything…

Artist: Hoodie Allen
Title: “Are U Having Any Fun?”
Director: Jackson Adams
Production agency: Steel Wool Media


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