A Burns Night Ode To Laphroaig

Elvis McGonagall Laphoraig

It could be the fact that I was born in Scotland, or that I tended bar at an Edinburgh pub in my 20s, where I slung Laphroaig, but this poetic video production by agency White Label tickles my taste buds.

The video is the latest in the “Opinions Welcome” campaign, commerating 200th year of Laphroaig.

Starring and written by poet Elvis McGonagall, and to celebrate the upcoming Robbie Burns Day, the poem champions Laphoraig scotch whiskey: a liquid that is loved by as many people as despise it.

Even if you’re not a lover of scotch though, the video is worth checking out simply because of the beautiful lines and delivery. Just like a good scotch, it’s sweet, strong and smooth.


Artist: Laphroaig
Title: A Burns Night Ode To Laphroaig
Director: Elvis McGonagall
Video Production Agency: White Label


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