Candide Thovex – Skiing Without Snow – Audi Quattro

candide thovex - Audi Quattro

Those of you eager for some snow for the slopes should check out this video production for the Audi Quattro.

The video features french professional skier Candide Thovex, downhill skiing without snow.

In Audi’s attempt to position the Quattro AWD in something other than extreme weather, we see Thovex whooshing down grassy slopes, weaving through green forests and grinding on dry pavement.

Though it sounds like a horrible idea, the snowless extreme skiing comes off looking pretty great. Just watch out for those cows. And the farmers…

Artist: Audi
Title: Candide Thovex – Quattro
Director: Candide Thovex
Advertising Agency: Lowe Strateus
Production Company: The Boat

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