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"I'm a Baby" - Music Video

“I’m a Baby” – Music Video

Project: “I’m a Baby” Client: N/A Objective: Drop knowledge about crib life from the vantage of a bearded baby. Produced by: Boom Unit Lay around all day, get up whenever you want, holler and...

Walmart - Adult Wolf

“Adult Wolf” – Walmart

Project: “Adult Wolf” Client: Walmart Objective: Show how Walmart’s everyday prices make a difference in people’s lives. Produced by: Boom Unit For MOFILM 2012, Walmart wanted a short (30 second) advertisement celebrating its everyday...

Chevrolet - "Cheerleaders" video

“Cheerleaders” – Chevrolet

Project: “Cheerleaders” Client: Chevrolet Objective: Show how Chevrolet supports drivers in every aspect of their lives. Produced by: Boom Unit For MOFILM 2012, Chevrolet wanted a 30-60 second film saluting the achievements of Everyday... - "Find Your Match" video

“Find Your Match” –

Project: “Find Your Match” Client: Objective: Promote to 18-34 year-olds using offbeat humour. Produced by: Boom Unit To promote awareness of, Autotrader ran a video contest through – a creative...

Axe - "Evolve With Axe" video

“Evolve With Axe” – Axe Bodyspray

Project: “Evolve With Axe” Client: AOL Objective: Re-imagine the “Axe Effect” using a fantastical, futuristic visual style. Produced by: Boom Unit Axe felt their famous “Axe Effect” commercials had grown a bit stale, and...