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"I'm a Baby" - Music Video

“I’m a Baby” – Music Video

Project: “I’m a Baby” Client: N/A Objective: Drop knowledge about crib life from the vantage of a bearded baby. Produced by: Boom Unit Lay around all day, get up whenever you want, holler and...

Windows 7 - "7 Versions of You"

“7 Versions of You” – Windows 7

Project: “7 Versions of You” Client: Microsoft Objective: Promote the productivity-enhancing power of Windows 7 to college students. Produced by: Boom Unit Microsoft wanted a video that grabbed the attention of college students and...

Diet Coke - "For Every You"

“For Every You” – Diet Coke

Project: “For Every You” Client: Coca-Cola Objective: Show how Diet Coke provides an emotional boost to young people in their everyday lives. Produced by: Boom Unit For Cannes Lions 2010, Coca-Cola wanted a video...