Back on Patrol with Broken Lizard

Every week, digital artist Nuno Teixeira takes a look at the latest crowdfunding videos creating a buzz on the web.

Super Troopers 2

“Why would Joe Twelve-Pack give you buttloves money?”

Such is the existential question at the centre of the Indiegogo campaign for “Super Troopers 2”

14 years after the first “Super Troopers“, Broken Lizard has finally gotten around to making the sequel that everybody wanted to see (not that “Club Dread” wasn’t swell).


The crowdfunding video for “Super Troopers 2” features the entire Broken Lizard crew, with Thorny and Rabbit pulling over “lovable asshole” Rod Farva to practice some of their new traffic stop routines.

The pitch? Simple: “The more money we raise, the more great fun shit you’ll get to see.”

What more do you need?

The project has already raised upwards of three million dollars, with several weeks remaining in the campaign.

For more information (along with some truly awesome perks, including an actual patrol car), check out the “Super Troopers 2” Indiegogo page here.

The Void

“If I cannot inspire love, then I will cause fear.”

In addition to being a great thing to write in a valentine to a co-worker, these are also some of the creepier words uttered in the trailer for action-horror film “The Void”.

Recalling a simpler time when all horror effects were practical, “The Void” trailer some impressive gore and creature effects in it’s two-minute runtime.

Created by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, the project is inspired by classic 80’s horror films like “The Thing“, “The Blob“, and “The Fly” – movies which are legendary in the world of practical effects.


In a unique twist, the Toronto-based filmmakers aren’t appealing to horror fans to fund the film – they’re actually looking for help funding the effects (which Kostanski will be building himself).

Be sure to check out the project’s Indiegogo page here, as well as the film’s awesome website – where you can check out sweet retro movie poster art like this:



Our last project will likely hit home with any aspiring rockers out there.

The jamstik+ from Zivix is a wireless guitar that syncs with Apple devices to help aspiring shredders learn the basics.

The crowdfunding video for the jamstik+ appeals to players who may have abandoned their dreams of guitar stardom, and does a great job of reviving the urge to rock in viewers.

Complete with apps for the iPad and iPhone, the jamstik+ can turn just about any place into a practice or lesson studio.

Check out the jamstik+ Kickstarter page here for more details on how you can help Zivix kick out the jams.

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