The Prynt Revolution

Every week, digital artist Nuno Teixeira takes a look at the latest crowdfunding videos creating a buzz on the web.


Who could forget the Polaroid OneStep camera?

With a clunky design that can best be described as “disco robot”, the OneStep allowed photographers to take and instantly print pictures on custom (read: ridiculously expensive) film.


After capturing countless family vacations, road trips, and birthdays, the OneStep eventually fell out of vogue – a victim of the digital photography revolution.

Updating instant photography for the mobile generation is San Francisco startup Prynt, who have created the world’s first instant camera case for smartphones.

To create an instant photo, simply slide your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy into the case, take or select a picture, and Prynt does the rest.


As an added bonus, Prynt’s augmented reality feature allows you to record a short video along with your photo. When you print a photo, you can easily scan it using Prynt’s app and watch the video – all stored on Prynt’s cloud service.

Prynt’s crowdfunding video does a great job of re-imagining instant photography for mobile users, emphasizing the personal quality of creating “memories you can hold in your hand”.

With donations of almost $1.5 million to date, Prynt has shattered its initial funding goal of $50,000 – inspiring instant photographers and photo-booth monopolizers alike.

For more on the project, check out Prynt’s Kickstarter page here.


We go from technology revivalists to technologists reviving their company with our second video for MUNITIO’s PRO30 wireless headphones.

MUNITIO’s crowdfunding video tells the story of founder Daniel Massaro – an audio engineer-turned-inventor who created the MUNITIO line of headphones.


With a relentless focus on audio quality, success came quickly – leading to MUNITIO’s acquisition by a larger headphone manufacturer. However, when their approach didn’t align with Massaro’s expectations, he moved to buy MUNITIO back.

A classic story of a passionate inventor re-asserting control of his dreams, MUNITIO’s video is certain to strike a chord with anyone who values creativity over commerce.

Along with some slick animations detailing the specifications of the PRO30, several well-known music producers (Dave Kushner, Chin Injeti, Junior Sanchez) stop by to show MUNITIO some love.

Having already surpassed their original funding goal of $125,000, MUNITIO continues to up the stakes with some awesome audio-inspired pledge awards for PRO30 backers.

For more information on how you can get involved (and potentially get your hands on a sweet pair of PRO30s or MUNITIO NINES), check out their Kickstarter page here.


Our third project will bring a smile to gamers plagued by the unresponsive, accelerometer-based controls on their mobile device.

ScreenStick’s crowdfunding video introduces us to inventor Michael Adam – a machinist and avid gamer. Working long hours in his shop (where all of the machinery is automated), Michael found himself playing a lot of games on his iPad to pass the time.

Tired of the clunky, inexact controls his tablet offered, Michael created the ScreenStick: an ultra-sensitive joystick for iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

Attaching to the screen with two suction pads, the ScreenStick’s control cone allows precise commands to be sent to the screen of your favorite mobile device.

Gamers are obviously intrigued by the idea, as the ScreenStick is well on it’s way to tripling its initial funding target of £6000.

To see the ScreenStick in action for yourself, check out the Kickstarter page here.

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