Riding the Monolith with Inboard Sports

The Monolith

While it’s not quite Marty McFly’s hoverboard, the Monolith from Inboard Sports is pretty close.

The world’s first skateboard with motors in the wheels, the Monolith provides a lightweight, natural experience for skaters.

Better still, the Monolith’s patented Manta Drive technology propels the board uphill at speeds of up to 20/mph – meaning there’s no limit to the number of hills you can bomb.


Skaters can control their momentum via the ergonomic RFLX remote, and even customize their acceleration and track their rides using the Monolith mobile app.

Featuring some awesome crane and drone footage, the Monolith’s crowdfunding video shows a series of skaters taking the board for a rip.

Equal parts explainer and skate demo, the video highlights the Monolith’s laid-back Californian roots while showcasing it’s slick techy enhancements.

Offering an assortment of awesome skate-themed rewards for backers, Inboard Sports has already almost doubled their funding goal.

For more on the project, check out the Monolith’s Kickstarter page here.

Spiritus Lepus

We go from electric skates to spectral rabbits with “Spiritus Lepus” – a sci-fi/fantasy mashup film written and directed by Kristofer Kiggs Carlsson.

Inspired by Kiggs’s childhood growing up in Gothinberg, Sweden, “Spiritus Lepus” tells the story of a mystical clan of Rabbit Humanoids who keep watch over the human race.


Boasting a talented production team and promising “fantastical enjoyment” for viewers, “Spiritus Lepus” is set to begin shooting in July.

Taking viewers back to the director’s childhood love of the forest, the crowdfunding video for “Spiritus Lepus” develops an emotional connection between potential backers and the project.

Readily admitting the film likely wouldn’t have gotten made before crowdfunding, Kiggs’s passion for the project is infectious, and something that comes out clearly in the video.

Like other crowdfunded video projects, when completed the film will be released for free online.

To find more about Kiggs and his furry phantasms, check out the “Spiritus Lepus” Kickstarter page here.

The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth

Our last project comes to us from Dreamling Books – a crowd-sourced publishing house dedicated to bringing inspiring stories to print.

Written by professional surf and outdoor photographer Chris Burkard, “The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth” weaves Burkard’s experiences into a children’s book about the beauty of nature.

Illustrated by Disney Interactive artist David McClellan,”The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth” tells the story of a young boy who asks the Earth how to find happiness. The Earth responds by taking the boy on a tour of some of its favourite places.


The project’s crowdfunding video highlights Burkard’s desire to instill a sense of adventure and curiosity within his children through a book.

Combining powerful visuals with an inspiring message, the video does an outstanding job of sharing Burkard’s motivation and compelling viewers to back the project.


To see more of McClellan’s incredible illustrations and find out more about the project, check out the Kickstarter page here.

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