The Con Man Cometh

Every week, digital artist Nuno Teixeira takes a look at the latest crowdfunding videos creating a buzz on the web.

Con Man

We’ll be the first to admit we were late to the party on “Firefly“.

Like, five years late.

In keeping with this tradition, we’re also two weeks late on profiling “Con Man” – the new crowdfunded comedy written by “Firefly” alum Alan Tudyk.

A self-referential ride through Tudyk’s experiences as a Comic Con attraction, “Con Man” stars Tudyk and Serenity captain Nathan Fillion as two former TV stars who haunt the con circuit after their show gets cancelled.

We told you it was meta.

With an endearingly cheesy crowdfunding video full of self-deprecating laughs and inside jokes for fans of the show, “Con Man” shattered its funding goals within days, and is currently tracking towards 3+ million in backing.

To find out more about the project and check out a teaser, you can find “Con Man”‘s Indiegogo page here.


Old-school scribblers will likely want to take note of our next project.

The Rocketbook is a notebook that allows you to instantly blast your notes, sketches, and drawings into the cloud.

Simply write down your latest meeting/love/ransom note, indicate where you want the note to be saved using the Rocketbook’s simple classification system, and take a picture with your smartphone. Once complete, your illegible scrawlings will be saved to the cloud.

Preferably stored right next to your shrimp.


The best part? Once you’ve filled up a notebook with revenge plans and quinoa recipes, just toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds. As long as you took your notes using a FriXion pilot pen, your Rocketbook will come out as good as new (give or take a few rogue Zoodles, of course).

The crowdfunding video for the Rocketbook is simple, highlighting the product’s features and cloud integration while allowing the product to take centre stage.

Currently approaching 2000% funding, the Rocketbook has clearly taken off with doodlers and foolscap fillers alike. To get your hands on your own Rocketbook, check out the project’s Indiegogo page here.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

For our third project we join Toronto video game studio Massive Damage, as they lead a desperate campaign to save the human race in “Halycon 6”.

A sweeping tale of the battle for cosmic supremacy, the crowdfunding video for “Halycon 6” recalls countless classic sci-fi epics.

An evil alien race, humanity making it’s final stand, a mysterious discovery on the outer reaches of space – all that’s missing is Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini.


OK, that was a bit gratuitous.

A reboot of mid-1990’s space RPGs, “Halcyon 6” is an update on classic games like “Star Control 2” and “Master Of Orion“. Combining role-playing elements with strategy and an engrossing storyline, players need to use everything at their disposal to battle the diabolical Chruul.

Again, gratuitous.

A throwback to simpler days gaming on your Dad’s 386, “Halcyon 6” has almost tripled it’s funding goal of $40,000.

Check out the “Halcyon 6” Kickstarter page for more information on the project, as well as some great rewards for backing the campaign.

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