DJ Katch – “The Horns”

dj katch - the horns

You have to admire any video production that spends 95% of its budget on dancing girls.

Such is the case with Josef J Weber’s video for DJ Katch’s “The Horns”. With an unofficial video already floating around, label Weplay Music commissioned Weber’s official version via creative crowdsourcing site Radar Music Videos.

A dancefloor smash that DJs like Diplo and Jazzy Jeff have been mixing into their sets, “The Horns” follows a crew of lovely ladies as they steal the keys to a video arcade and proceed to tear it up. Extra points to Weber for recognizing that real women play Time Crisis II double-fisted.

Our only question? When the lonely arcade attendant rushes back in to see a gang of babes grinding in the bowling lanes, how is he anything but stoked?

Artist: DJ Katch
Title: “The Horns”
Director: Josef J Weber


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