Duke Dumont Does The Lord’s Work

Duke Dumont – “The Giver”

Duke Dumont has given us several of the most memorable dance videos of the past few years.

From the hedonistic VR-helmet headtrip of “I Got U“, to the pogo-happy bandits of “Won’t Look Back“, Dumont is as well-known for his quirky clips as he is for his house beats.

The British DJ’s latest video keeps that trend going, mixing sight gags with divine inspiration in “The Giver”.

Directed by Surrender Monkeys, “The Giver” tells the story of a washed-up Jesus (literally). After washing ashore on a beach, he promptly begins handing out miracles like it’s free sample day at Costco.

Between giving flat-chested women otherworldly augmentations and re-coiffing the bald, his holiness even finds time to issue an 11th commandment: thou shalt make it rain!

Alesso – “Sweet Escape”

Sweden’s Alesso has also been cranking out massive videos over the past year, scoring huge hits with “Heroes” and “Cool” (which we profiled here).

Directed by MIE, “Sweet Escape” was based on a brief created by Alesso himself, telling a “touching love story using characters we see every day of our lives, in road signs where we live.”

Combining 2D and 3D animation, a succession of street sign caricatures come to life and parade through the streets, making their way to an underground pixel party.

Sure enough, two figures break away from the crowd and go for a romantic ride through the Hollywood Hills.

Combining an inventive concept with solid technical execution, “Sweet Escape” infuses its pedestrian leads with an undeniable charm – making them the two brightest lights in Los Angeles along the way.

Django Django – “Shake and Tremble”

We go from cutesy to creepy for our last video from London art-rockers Django Django.

Set in the slimiest of swamps, “Shake and Tremble” sees the band perform as all manner of crepuscular creatures slither through the muck.

Doing their best backwater Beach Boys impersonation (is that a theremin we hear midway through the track?), “Shake and Tremble” juxtaposes the band’s surf-rock sound with numerous scenes guaranteed to make the California girls scream.

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