“Easy Mac, Hard Time” – Kraft

“Easy Mac, Hard Time”


Appeal to 18-24 year-old males by showing a unique way of saying “I’m sorry”.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

In 2013, Kraft changed the recipe of their beloved Easy Mac – instant Kraft Dinner that goes from the microwave to the table in minutes. Microwave macaroni aficionados were not pleased about the change, as it changed the taste of delicious Easy Mac to something…less than delicious.

To promote the return of the original Easy Mac recipe, Kraft wanted to partner with a production company to create a spot that creatively says “sorry” to Easy Mac fans.

In this spot we introduce viewers to Doug: a hapless college student who has his girlfriend (Jenny) arrested for attempting to poison his Easy Mac. After realizing that she didn’t try to poison him (it was just the nastiness of the new recipe), he hatches a not-so-elaborate plan to break her out of prison. The only hitch? She doesn’t exactly want to leave…