“Evil Genius” – AT&T

“Evil Genius”


Demonstrate the communicative potential of AT&T’s mobile network in a unique way.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

For the 2013 Cannes Video Contest, AT&T asked entrants to show the potential of mobile technology by exploring the unexpected ways it connects people. AT&T wanted a video highlighting their unparalleled wireless coverage and lightning-fast network speeds, and showing how customers were using their service to improve their lives.

To promote the diversity of AT&T’s services, we wanted to show how they help customers whose communication needs are anything but ordinary. And who better than someone who relies on wireless technology every day to stay one step ahead of the game: an Evil Genius!

From evading international men of mystery, to coordinating his plotting and scheming, even to spending some quality time with his family: see how AT&T’s wireless networks help The Evil Genius reach his full potential…for evil.