“Evolve With Axe” – Axe Bodyspray

“Evolve With Axe”


Re-imagine the “Axe Effect” using a fantastical, futuristic visual style.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

Axe felt their famous “Axe Effect” commercials had grown a bit stale, and was looking for new ways to connect with the 18-34 year-old demographic. For Mofilm 2010, they wanted a spot that encouraged their target audience to experience their products in a new way – a reimagining of the “Axe Effect” with an emphasis on technology and innovation.

To achieve this, we created a fantastical depiction of the typical Axe user in the year 3011. What would the dating landscape look like in 1000 years? Would he still face the same problems, or would new ones crop up? And most importantly: how would Axe bodyspray help him stay on top of his game?

This spot was a finalist at the Mofilm.com 2010 competition in London.

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