“Find Your Match” – Autotrader.com

“Find Your Match”


Promote Autotrader.com to 18-34 year-olds using offbeat humour.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

To promote awareness of www.autotrader.com, Autotrader ran a video contest through www.poptent.com – a creative network that connects brands and filmmakers. The contest encouraged filmmakers to develop a concept that was unique, edgy, and would make 18-34 year-olds view purchasing a used car via www.autotrader.com in a different way.

Borrowing from the format of online dating commercials, we created a testimonial-style spot where a series of young people speak candidly about finding their “match.” The revelations start out quite mundane, but start to heat up as each actor grows increasingly excited about finding their perfect match online…

The spot received the “Crowd Favourite” award on www.poptent.com, along with the “Editor’s Choice” award for the contest.