Five Keys to a Killer Crowdfunding Video


When it comes to crowdfunding videos, we have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that only 15% of crowdfunding projects launched ever secure their desired funding – meaning even if your idea is great, the odds are stacked against you.

The good news, however, is that even the worst idea has a shot at success when paired with a compelling video that gets people excited about the problem your project will solve.

An engaging, professionally-produced video:

  • Showcases your project;
  • Illustrates why you and your project are worth investing in; and
  • Confirms that you don’t live in a box

But what sets successful videos apart? How can you ensure you’re giving yourself the chance to be the next Micro or 3Doodler, as opposed to bombing like your fifth grade science project?

While there’s no simple answer, when looking at videos for campaigns that significantly outperformed their initial funding goals, some clear patterns emerge:

1) No time to chill

For those wondering just what the f&*k a SYNEK is, you don’t have to wait long to find out: by 0:15 you’ll know it’s the world’s first portable taphouse.

Using a combination of slick animated explainer shots, live demos, and deadpan humour, SYNEK founder Steve Young wastes no time bringing potential backers up to speed. By the 1:00 mark you know why the SYNEK was created, what problems it solves, and exactly how it works.

The first 15 seconds of your video are critical, so ensure you open with something that will grab your grabbing viewers’ attention.

2) Get to the good stuff

The HEXO+ by Squadrone System is an intelligent drone that follows and films extreme sports athletes. How do we know this? Because immediately after being introduced to founder Xavi De Le Rue, we launch into a series of breathtaking visuals.

Shot documentary-style from a variety of aerial vantages, the video has an action sports feel throughout: showcasing amazing footage of motocross riders, skateboarders, and track athletes. The action segments tell an incredible visual story, after seeing the HEXO+ autonomously tracking trick riders fifty feet in the air you’re hooked.

While you may not have the budget for heli-skiers, a good video should quickly highlight the most compelling aspects of your product or story to capture and hold the viewer’s interest.

3) Solve real-world problems

What the Lumio portable lamp lacks in “wow” factor, it more than makes up for in elegance and utility.

The video opens with 25 seconds of pure product shots, followed by a number of real-world scenarios highlighting the Lumio’s versatility – spelling out the product’s key selling features clearly and simply.

While the production values are slightly lower than in our first two examples, the video does a great job of illustrating how the Lumio can fit into viewers’ lives.

To help backers see the benefits of your project, ensure you show your product solving common problems in a unique and appealing way.

4) Play to your crowd

How does the creator of a motorized paper airplane secure 1.2 million in crowdfunding? By shirking conventions and appealing to our inner fourth-grader.

Forgoing the standard “team in a lab poring over a prototype” treatment, Powerup 3.0’s video wins by never taking itself too seriously. Inventor Shai Goitein is portrayed as a fun-loving dreamer who channels his passion for aeronautical engineering into creating something every kid dreams about: a remote control for paper airplanes.

The approach is clearly resonating with audiences, as the video currently has more than one million views on YouTube, and the project continues to track toward its final stretch goal of $2,000,000 in funding.

The lesson? Make sure the tone and style for your video match your project’s target audience.

5) Be a genuine article

Kickstarter campaigns are often successful due to the emotional connection backers have with the project creators. This connection is the key to Electric Objects’ video for the EO1 – a picture-frame computer that brings art “off of the Internet, and onto your walls.”

Showcasing production values comparable to an Apple lifestyle spot, the video introduces us to several members of the Electric Objects team – all of whom share an obvious passion for sharing digital art.

From the CEO through the Artist Relations team, each team member articulates their contributions to the EO1 project in an incredibly honest, compelling manner.

Expressing genuine enthusiasm allows viewers to share your passion, and in turn increases their willingness to tap into their bank accounts and social networks to help back your project.

No magic beans here

While there’s no magic formula, hopefully the lessons learned from these five wildly successful crowdfunding videos will help you avoid making some common mistakes – and keep your video off the next list of epic Kickstarter fails.

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