All Good In The Hood with Death Squad

Every Friday we take a look at some of the best (and worst) new music videos from across the web.

Hozier – “Someone New”

Call us crazy, but we certainly wouldn’t break out the pepper spray if Natalie Dormer jumped us in a dark alley.

Or in the bar.

Or on the subway.

Hell: anywhere, really.


We’re clearly not alone in this opinion, as Hozier’s new video for “Someone New” follows the actress as she wanders the city streets looking for love.

Prowling clubs and bus stations like a post-AA Tove Lo, Dormer spends the video scheming on other women’s boyfriends, girlfriends, and basically anything with a pulse.

Directed by Anthony Byrne (Dormer’s real-life fiance), “Someone New” is a mournful meditation on the nature of heartache and loneliness – teaching us that there are some existential voids that making out with random transit passengers just can’t fill.

Drenge – “We Can Do What We Want”

Our second video also features some serious street prowling, though nobody is going to mistake these guys for Margaery Tyrell.

Inspired by “A Clockwork Orange”, Drenge’s “We Can Do What We Want” follows a violent gang of hooligans on a vicious crime spree.

Turning a series of banal scenes in a dystopian nightmare, our vicious crew of droogies busts up bingo night, terrorizes a bowling alley, and incites a particularly violent fracas at a fry stand.

Recalling the aesthetic of early Gallows videos, director Ed Lovelace infuses “We Can Do What We Want” with a palpable sense of menace: providing the perfect complement to the track’s dark, driving energy.

It also helps that actor Robert Emms looks like a complete psycho:



Death Team – “Fucking Bitches In The Hood”

The bad week for bowling alleys continues with our last video, courtesy of electro-pop duo Death Team.

So what do we know about Death Team?

  1. They’re from Sweden
  2. They’ve got an amazing website
  3. They’re not to be fucked with

Directed by Mark Zibert, “Fucking Bitches In The Hood” turns a Toronto bowling alley into a battleground, proving what we’ve known all along: that bowlers are legit badasses.


As brawls break out in every corner of the bowling alley, singer Mayka Edd and drummer Johen Rafael Tilli mingle amongst the madness – Edd providing saccharine commentary, while Tilli hilariously keeps time.

Described by noisey as “a sugary popsicle that tastes like the sticky underside of a Parisian nightclub”, “Fucking Bitches In The Hood” goes down like a vodka-spiked bowling alley slurpee – syrupy sweet with a belligerent aftertaste.

A chip-flipping, piano-tipping, grenade-gripping good time, one thing’s for certain: once the hook is in your head you’re pretty much…screwed.

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