Beware the Bunny Suit

Every Friday we take a look at some of the best (and worst) new music videos from across the web.

Royal Blood – “Out of the Black”

Before YouTube and Vimeo, a video like Royal Blood’s “Out of the Black” would be doomed to an existence of dubbed VHS tapes and after-midnight showings sandwiched between Tool and The Prodigy.

Which would be a shame, because it’s mind-blowingly awesome.

An ultra-violent sci-fi mashup featuring a mixture of live action and animation, “Out of the Black” follows an alien in a bunny suit as he holds up a convenience store, gets busted by the police, and then pretty much destroys everything in sight.

Oh yeah: and he also rolls with an intergalactic wrecking crew featuring a pumpkin, a walking heart, a snowman, and an ice cream cone.


Seriously: it’s awesome.

Bodies fly, heads explode, and an entire team of FBI agents are fed to a helicopter’s propeller “Fargo”-style before a gruesome showdown with a nunchuck-brandishing convenience store employee.

Directed by David Wilson (Arcade Fire – “We Exist”, Tame Impala – “Mind Mischief”) and animated by Christy Karacas (“Superjail”), you can check out more on the production from Promo News here.

Run the Jewels – “Lie, Cheat, Steal”

For our second video, we join New York-based rappers Run The Jewels (RTJ) as they lie, cheat, and steal their way to the American Dream.

Known for their ominous visual style and tongue-in-cheek gangsta posturing, “Lie, Cheat, Steal” finds El-P and Killer Mike mean-mugging in an abandoned warehouse – rocking Swayze-style ex-Presidents masks while busting caps at the camera to maintain their street cred.

Directed by RUFFMERCY (Lily Allen – “Sheezus”), RTJ’s “Lie, Cheat, Steal” uses graffiti-style animations to drive home the duo’s lyrics, making the simple concept pop through pulsing, bloody visuals and frenetic editing.

Nicky Romero & Vicetone – “Let Me Feel”

Thanks to the succes of Avicii and Alesso, melodramatic EDM videos are pretty much par for the course these days.

That being said, to the best of our knowledge Nicky Romero and Vicetone’s “Let Me Feel” is the first such video to feature an underground fight club.

Directed by Peter Huang (Cazzette – “Beam Me Up”), “Let Me Feel” shows the lengths one single father goes to in order to get his terminally-ill child the medical care she needs: which in this case starts with delivering Chinese food, and ends with bare-knuckle boxing in a parking garage.

Seems logical to us.


Featuring an ending that puts Peter Cetera to shame, “Let Me Feel” takes fighting for love to new extremes – though we can’t help but think things might have turned out differently if Dad had brushed up on his crane kick.

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