Tough Love Keeps It Tight

Every Friday we take a look at some of the best (and worst) new music videos from across the web.

Tough Love – “So Freaking Tight”

If you find yourself longing for summer, we’ve got the cure: watch this video.

Starring South African actor/comedian Rob Van Vuuren, Tough Love’s “So Freakin’ Tight” follows the creepy exploits of the rapiest lifeguard since Blink 182 introduced us to this guy.

Decked out in watershoes and a pair of short-shorts that will haunt your dreams, Van Vuuren spends the duration of the video molesting women, thrusting awkwardly, and periodically ejaculating sunscreen on unsuspecting bystanders.

Culminating in a failed Mitch Buchannon-style rescue/attempted sexual assault, Van Vuuren’s performance vaults him past urine and lost band-aids as our least favorite things about public pools.

Black Taxi – “Take Off The Edge”

Our second video is a polygonal love story for the ages, courtesy of Brooklyn’s Black Taxi.

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada (Capital Cities – “Kangaroo Court”) , “Take Off The Edge” is a crazy tale of a date night gone right.

In whimsical one-shot style, our happy couple plays the vibraphone, has a swordfight on a tigerskin rug, and murders a parrot before opening the fold-out couch and getting down to business.

Ending with one of the most explosive animated sex scenes ever captured on film, after watching “Take Off The Edge” you’ll never look at geometry the same way.

John Lyke – “WINGS”

While a nationwide concern in the 90’s, today the delinquent fruitbooter is an endangered species.

The butt of countless jokes due to the abundance of velcro and neon wrist guards worn by the sport’s pioneers, inline skating was pulled from the X-games in 2005 – depriving millennial youth of the majesty of heel wheelies and acid slides.


Thankfully video collective WINGS aren’t content to let these rollerblading rebels go softly into the night.

Equal parts caper story and demo video, “WINGS” follows a freewheeling fruitbooter as he rolls through the streets of Los Angeles, evading an awkwardly intense moustachioed detective every step of the way.

Set to Jungle’s “The Heat” (which admittedly already has an awesome music video), what it lacks in plot “WINGS” makes up for in aggressive inline shredding –  much of which definitely looks harder than telling your parents you’re gay.

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