Galantis Helps Cat Ladies Find Love

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Galantis – “Runaway (U & I)”

It’s hard to find love in the big city when you’re rich, famous, and wearing a giant glowing cat head.

Such is the premise of “Runaway (U & I)” from Swedish EDM duo Galantis.

Directed by Dano Cerny, “Runaway” touches on the isolating nature of fame, as our cat-headed lead wanders the streets searching for a true connection with another…cat-person.

A thematic combination of Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” and Zedd’s “Clarity”, “Runaway” sees our lonely cat lady find love in the likeliest of places (namely another dude with a cat head), and magic ensures.

Well, there’s lasers at least.

Selah Sue – “Alone”

While Galantis is helping cat ladies hook up, our second video finds Belgian singer Selah Sue sadly alone.

Directed by Alexander Brown (best known for La Roux’s “Kiss and Not Tell”), “Alone” follows Selah Sue as she wanders through a hall of mirrors (and potentially a few unused Gap commercial sets) all by her lonesome.

Combining Sue’s classic look with a variety of mirrored images, split screens, and layered cuts, Brown creates a kaleidoscopic 60’s vibe with a simplicity belies the complexity of the production.

Body Count – “Institutionalized”

For our third selection we go from a  lonely woman to Ice T – who apparently just wants to be left the %$#@ alone.

Updating the classic Suicidal Tendencies track to reflect the modern day problems of a “Law & Order” star, Body Count’s “Institutionalized” sees Ice-T rail against his wife, foreign tech support, and vegans.

While the production values aren’t the greatest, we’ve got to give Ice T props for being able to poke fun at himself – in addition to his apparent willingness to launch into expletive-laden rants at the drop of a hat. Somebody get this man a Pepsi!

Fun bonus fact: If you ever want to catch up with the O.G. via a Google Hangout, you can hit him up here:


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