LunchMoney Lewis Can’t Lose

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LunchMoney Lewis – “Bills”

You read it here first: LunchMoney Lewis’s “Bills” will soon be ringing out from the factory stereos of every Corolla and Caravan in your neighbourhood.

It’s a good thing too, as the man’s got bills to pay.

Mixing Cee-Lo’s soulful stylings with Skee-Lo’s self-deprecating charm, “Bills” has an everyman allure that assures it a long life on wedding dance floors and during the credits of Ice Cube movies.

Directed by Emil Nava (Ed Sheeran – “Don’t”, Calvin Harris – “I Need Your Love”), “Bills” follows Lewis as he works a series of menial jobs to feed his kids, stave off bill collectors, and keep his wife off his back. Tiring work indeed.

Channelling Benny from “Total Recall”, Lewis’s lamentations will surely strike a chord with anyone whose familial obligations have brought their rain-making days to an end.

Alesso – “Cool”

More suburban white dude dancing is on display in Alesso’s “Cool”, but with a fun Mary Kay Letourneau-style twist!

Also directed by Emil Nava, “Cool” wears it’s 90’s teen movie inspiration on it’s sleeve, featuring a number of hat tips to classic teen comedies.

Rehashing the classic “high-school-outcast-falls-for-teacher” storyline, “Cool” follows a teenaged Alesso as he dreams of winning the heart of his history teacher.

With the assistance of a librarian well-schooled in the art of seduction (naturally), young Alesso studies the finer points of classic dance – culminating in a confetti-strewn climax at the homecoming dance.

Formulaic? Perhaps, but here at Boom Unit we’re suckers for an underdog story that avoids statutory rape charges.

The Wombats – “Give Me A Try”

For our last video, The Wombats visit the opposite end of the seduction spectrum with “Give Me A Try”.

An ode to amazingly awkward Tinder photos, “Give Me A Try” takes viewers through an assortment of ill-advised selfies.

Ranging from fanny-pack flexing to Van Damme-inspired feats of pelvic fortitude, the video provides a swipe-by-swipe tour of some truly cringe-worthy profile shots.

Continually making you feel as though you’re seeing something you’re not supposed to, a succession of delusional daters pose in the most disconcerting of fashions.



So is “Give Me A Try” a commentary on the superficiality of modern dating, or just a thinly-veiled excuse to laugh at dudes whose dating profiles feature samurai swords?


We’re not entirely sure, but it might be time to revisit your profile pic just in case.

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