Nova Rockafeller Takes It To The Streets

Nause – “The World I Know”

Dance auditions don’t seem like much fun.

Leering competitors, dispassionate panels of steely-eyed judges, unitards – it all sounds pretty stressful to us.

Artists from Geri Halliwell to Jennifer Lopez have used audition-themed videos to revisit their days as fledgling dancers, throwing themselves at the mercy of faceless judges.

Coincidentally, it’s also an excellent excuse to writhe around for three and a half minutes in your underwear.


But after thirty years of formulaic audition videos, how do you keep things fresh? How do you make an underdog even pluckier?

As Swedish electro act Nause show us in their video for “The World I Know”, the answer can be found at the local men’s shelter.

Directed by Måns Nyman, “The World I Know” tells the inspirational story of a dancing hobo who enters a dance competition.

After showering in a sink and dealing with a panel of douchey judges (played by Nause), our homeless hero busts some gravity-defying moves out of his bindle – winning over his fellow dancers and walking away with the $50,000 grand prize.


Best described as “Flashdance with food stamps”, we’re happy to report lead dancer Frank Christian Åkerlund remains clothed throughout the duration of the video – no mean feat for a man giving the performance of a lifetime.

Nova Rockafeller – “Made In Gold”

We keep it in the streets for our second video, Nova Rockafeller’s “Made In Gold”.

Directed by Ethan Lader (DEV – “In The Dark“), “Made In Gold” features a stop-motion performance by Rockafeller, as images of her are plastered on various locations throughout LA.

The first single from the Edmonton-born artist’s major-label debut, “Made In Gold” is a colourful ride through the LA streets, punctuated by the occasional middle finger and running man outburst from Rockafeller.

The second video for “Made In Gold” (the first being a promo clip from teen comedy “The Duff“), Lader’s treatment does the song far more justice – with the graffiti-covered side streets of Los Angeles providing the perfect backdrop for Rockafeller’s started-from-the-bottom story.

The best thing to come out of Edmonton since the icy handjob card in COH, you can check out more from Rockafeller here.

Etienne de Crécy – “You”

For our last video, we join French producer Etienne de Crécy for a steamy night out on the streets of Paris.

Directed by Helmi, “You” uses layered visuals and pans to create a dizzying ride through the Paris nightlife, following dozens of club-goers as they drink and dance their way through the night.

Culminating with the inevitable series of hookups, Helmi uses nifty editing to create the illusion of a never-ending procession of young people rolling around in bed.

The first single from the French producer’s latest album “Super Discount 3”, you can check out at de Crécy’s official site here.

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