Get Down with the Ganjaman

Alfons – “Ganjaman (Official)”

While weed may not be addictive, “Ganjaman” by Norweigan producer Alfons is a whole other story.

Already a hit in Austria, Denmark, and a host of other ganja-puffing nations, director Casper Balslev‘s wild new video for “Ganjaman” aims to break the song in the U.S.

“Ganjaman” follows the exploits of a doped-up suburban dad, who starts receiving dance-floor instructions from a pile of raw meat with a mouth.


And that’s not even the weird part.

Our fattie-blasting father figure soon goes on a TV-room trashing, fridge-clearing, plate-smashing rampage: all while his puzzled wife looks on in amazement.

Culminating in some of the baddest dance moves ever busted in a bingo hall, “Ganjaman” is a blazing bong rip of a ride – so much so that you might want to lock up your lettuce before hitting “play”.

Will Balsley’s video succeed in getting Alfons some love in America? We’re not really sure, but we are sure that the image of a grown man squirting mustard directly into his mouth never gets old.


Boulevards – “Got to Go”

In terms of budget dance moves, our second video gives “Ganjaman” a run for it’s money.

“Got to Go” by North Carolina funk revivalist Boulevards features some of the freshest moves in the bargain bin.

Rocking dad-cut jeans and an assortment of fetching mock-turtlenecks, Boulevards showcases his fancy footwork across town – prancing across bleachers, popping in the amusement park, and mean-mugging in the midst of muscle cars.

Directors Lauren Gesswein and Alexander Christenson get a ton of mileage out of the funkster’s retro dance moves and questionable wardrobe, providing a perfect visual compliment to Boulevard’s throwback vibe.

Fidlar – “40oz On Repeat”

We stay on a budget for our final video from Los Angeles punk rockers Fidlar.

“40oz On Repeat” is a hat tip to classic videos by Suicidal Tendencies, Devo, Weezer, Beastie Boys, and The Hives (among many others), all remade for pennies on the dollar.

Cardboard sets? Check.

Low-end costumes? Double-check.

DIY special effects? Check, check and check!

The contrast between the original clips and Fidlar’s renditions is hilariously on-point, as director Ryan Baxley riffs on classic camera tricks and accentuates classic shots to great effect.

Among our favourites? The Oasis-aping “Wonderwall”-style punch in (and in, and in, and in), a wobbly interpretation of Korn’s infamous heat-seeking bullet, and the Walmart version of George Michael’s iconic jukebox boot-tap.

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