Hasselhoff Brings The Fury

David Hasselhoff – “True Survivor”

With an incredible trailer featuring kung fu cops, time-travelling Power Glove enthusiasts, and kill-crazed robot arcade machines, we didn’t think there was anything “Kung Fury” could do to become more awesome.

Then they called in The Hoff.


Inspired by classic theatrical themes by Kenny Loggins and Peter Cetera, David Hasselhoff’s “True Survivor” is a hyper-charged chunk of 80’s cheese.

Forgoing South Beach for the fantastical world of “Kung Fury”, Hasselhoff chews up the scenery like a CG dinosaur (which he later rides into the sunset).

From the 80’s-inspired effects, to the keytar solo, to The Hoff’s tour-de-force performance alongside a vintage Lambo, “True Survivor” is truly a work of art.

Snoop Dogg – “So Many Pros”

While we’re still not sure how we feel about Snoop Dogg as a crooner, the Long Beach rapper’s video for “So Many Pros” is a fully-powdered, nostalgia-packed pimp slap straight out of the 70’s.

Directed by Francois Rousselet (Jack White, “Lazaretto“), “So Many Pros” sees Snoop prowl through a procession of posters for classic blaxploitation films – surrounded, as always, by legions of fine ladies.

Seriously: how cool are these?




The first track off of Snoop’s upcoming album “Bush”, “So Many Pros” is a masterclass in PhotoShop pimp game – respect!

Winter’s Island – “Ares”

We’ve all been there: you find your old luchadore mask while you’re cleaning out your closet, and get wistful for the days when you ran a backyard wrestling promotion.

Perhaps not, but such is the concept behind Winter Island’s “Ares”.

Pining for the days when he served up swinging neckbreakers to the neighbourhood kids, it isn’t long before our hero rebuilds his backyard ring and invites the old gang over for a couple of piledrivers.

What ensues is the “Blues Brothers” meets backyard wrestling fails, as an assortment of aging amateur grapplers dust off their unitards and relive the Attitude Era.

Directed by Tom Bolton, “Ares” is a wistful rumination on the days of wrasslin’ past, when men were men, and women were…not hanging out with dudes wrestling in their backyards.

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