Hook N Sling Gets the Bus Bumpin’

Hook N Sling – “Break Yourself”

Getting on the school bus for the first time is a daunting experience. Schedules, hierarchies, projectiles – really it’s quite similar to a junior penal colony on wheels.

This disorientation is at the center of “Break Yourself” by Hook N Sling featuring Far East Movement.

The first collaboration between directors Carlos Lopez Estrada (clipping, “Summertime“) and Nelson de Castro (Broken Bells, “After The Disco“), “Break Yourself” turns a ghostly school bus into a human fishbowl.

With passengers ranging from rowdy students to corporate drones on a booze-fuelled work retreat, the camera orbits the bus through a series of increasingly absurd scenarios, using plumes of smoke to transition between scenes.

So is the video a commentary on social anxiety? A rumination on the absurdity of crowds? Just good clean fun?

We’re really not sure, so you might as well just pour yourself a drink and enjoy it.


The Fjords – “All In”

We have to admit that our second video from the Fjords threw us for a loop.

What starts as an innocent scene in an 80’s kid’s room quickly turns dark, as the youngster soon packs up his NES console and goes on an 8-bit inspired killing spree.

Directed by Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe, the violent video has stirred up its share of controversy, with its depiction of a real-life Hogan’s Alley not sitting well with the gun control crowd.

The Fjords have posted a statement on Noisey defending the concept, noting that it was born out of their “shared nostalgic love of all things 80’s”, and the video is “ambiguous when it comes to drawing a line between fantasy and reality.”

While the ambiguity of the holes our hero puts in his tormentors is certainly debatable, it’s quite clear that the situation is pure fantasy.

Our only question: where was this outcry when legions of innocent ducks were being slaughtered?


PHASES – “I’m In Love With My Life”

Our last video features a collaboration between director Ethan Tobman (OK GoBeyoncé) and LA-based indie pop quartet PHASES.

The first single from PHASES’s debut album, “I’m In Love With My Life” is a wild reverse-concept video that features the band strolling in reverse through a series of increasingly chaotic scenes.

Fireworks are fired, cars fall out of the sky, and the band performs in an impromptu human-powered house made entirely of bounce boards?

What’s not to love?

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