“I Can’t Be Your Superman” – Skylar Spence

While we always suspected working at a beauty salon was far more dangerous than working at a video production agency, Skylar Spence’s new video for “I Can’t Be Your Superman” proves it.

Directed by Maegan Houang, “I Can’t Be Your Superman” is a wild tale of extortion, exfoliation, and revenge set in a nail salon.

Upon seeing her boss being roughed up by some local hoodlums, a meek nail artist slips into the back of the salon and brews up a crazy chemical concoction to put the brakes on the beatdown.

We don’t want to give too much away, but this kicks off a finger-licking good dance sequence, as the mixture has a metamorphic effect upon the attackers… or does it?

Artist: Skylar Spence
Title: “I Can’t Be Your Superman”
Director: Maegan Houang
Production Agency: American Painkillers


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