Jain Works the Angles

Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

Jain – “Come”

Camera tricks and wacky angles abound in the video for Jain‘s debut single “Come”.

Directed by Greg & Lio, “Come” sees Jain hanging around the house in an assortment of weird ways: diving into coffee cups, plucking airplanes out of the sky, and even growing several new pairs of arms.


While we’ve seen many of these setups before, “Come” is a slickly-produced, playful video that captures the song’s laid-back vibe perfectly.

If you dig Jain’s combo of Lily Allen-style reggae-pop and retro-soul vocals, be sure to check out the Parisian singer’s debut EP on iTunes.

Key & Peele – “Basketball Commentary”

Key & Peele have created some of the most memorable sketch comedy bits of the past several years, including the bazillion view-generating “Substitute Teacher” and “East/West College Bowl“.

Just in time for the NBA Finals, the duo takes aim at court-side commentators in “Basketball Commentary”.

What begins as insipid banter quickly descends into madness, as “grown-man” commentator Chick Sarica shouts nonsensical words before suffering an apparent brain aneurysm.


K-Michel Parandi – “From The Future With Love”

Our final video is a throwback from 2013 that has recently resurfaced and started to receive some Internet love.

Directed by K-Michel Parandi, “From The Future With Love” is a sci-fi short in the vein of “Robocop” and “Gattaca“, based in a dystopian future where policing becomes a privatized service.

Rival factions of corporation-backed cops serve the public according to the terms of their crime coverage, looking the other way if crimes fall outside of the insurable offences for a particular individual.

Originally conceived as a web series, several years ago Parandi indicated that he’d received an offer to direct a full-length feature based on the short. While that hasn’t happened, a recent re-upload by the CG Bros has revived interest in the project.

Could a future where policing is a for-profit service be far off? Perhaps not, but in the meantime we’ll stick to hiring goons.


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