Key and Peele’s Keys to a Happy Gay Marriage

Key & Peele – “Gay Marriage Legalized”

Following last week’s Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, we’ll kick things off with a classic clip from Key and Peele.

“Gay Marriage Legalized” joins same-sex couple Lashawn (Jordan Peele) and Samuel (Keegan-Michael Key) as they celebrate the historic ruling in Washington state (at the time the seventh state to legalize gay marriage).

It’s soon apparent that both halves of couple aren’t equally pleased about the development, with LaShawn’s extravagant proclamations putting the squeeze on Samuel’s wallet.

Originally airing in 2012, “Gay Marriage Legalized” is a hilarious take on the classic “she wants a huge wedding, he wants to head to city hall” story – suggesting that all members of same-sex couples aren’t quite as ecstatic about recent events.

Welcome to the party, dudes – that second mortgage looks great on you!

Dillon Francis – “Not Butter”

Studies have shown that your average EDM video consists of three things:

  1. A gathering crowd of hot babes
  2. Bouncing DJs in backwards hats
  3. A liberal dose of pyro and clouds of neon chalk

Sprinkle in some streamers falling from the sky when the beat drops, and voila: an instant EDM classic!

While we have no problem with the formula, you knew it was only a matter of time before someone decided to give EDM videos the Blink 182 treatment.

Resident EDM joker Dillon Francis proves he’s up for the task, taking aim at the genre with his video for “Not Butter”.

Opening with a classic record company brief (complete with demographic profiling and campaign goals), “Not Butter” walks viewers through the creative process for your standard EDM video.

As the track progresses the concept becomes increasingly more outlandish, with a rather innocuous party scene escalating into a drug-fueled orgy around the 3:09 mark.

Those wacky EDM kids – what will they hump next?

Amy Schumer – “Milk Milk Lemonade”

Our last video finds comedienne Amy Schumer ruining booty videos for the masses.

Expressing a blatant disregard for the artistic contributions of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj, Schumer proceeds to sh!t all over the booty video parade.

Built around a schoolyard chant, “Milk Milk Lemonade” sees Schumer drop knowledge about bodily functions guaranteed to ruin your most cherished childhood memories.

Somewhere the Pussycat Dolls are rolling over in their bedazzled graves.

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