Louis York Clarifies Sexy

Louis York – “Clair Huxtable”

From Suzanne Somers’s early-90’s TGIF charm, to a pre-Scientology Leah Remini, network sitcoms have introduced us to a long line of moms that put Stacy’s to shame.

But what about the more sophisticated gentlemen among us? Those with more discerning tastes, who want a side of Monet with their mom jeans? Which sitcom starlet set their pre-pubescent hearts aflutter?

According to R&B duo Louis York, the answer is the lovely Phylicia Rashad – aka “Clair Huxtable”.


Directed by Warren Kommers (Fitz and the Tantrums, “The Walker“), “Clair Huxtable” follows the hit-making duo as they cruise the city streets looking for women with more substance than your standard dancing video girls.

Sadly they’re rebuffed at every turn, as apparently every woman in New York is secretly auditioning for a Nicki Minaj video.


Surely there are worse problems to have, but props to Louis York for showing that sexy and smart can still co-exist.

Kraak & Smaak – “All I Want is You”

Readers of our blog will know we’ve long harboured a soft spot for dancing hobos.

This week is no different, as Dutch producers Kraak & Smaak serve up another slice of vagrant video goodness in “All I Want is You”.

Directed by André Maat, “All I Want is You” opens with a shy twenty-something guy missing out on a golden opportunity to approach the girl of his dreams. Under a bridge. In an overflow storm drain. In east LA.

Can you feel the romance?

After seeing our young Romeo flounder, a kindly hobo takes it upon himself to school our hero in the art of seduction – which in this case means popping, locking, and eating creamed corn straight out of the can.

While we won’t spoil the twist ending, let’s just say the object of our hero’s affections receives a funky surprise the next time she wanders into the storm drain.

Cro – “Dream”

In terms of gimmicks, Cro’s “half-mast panda mask” schtick falls a bit short of the lofty standards set by deadmau5 and Daft Punk.

Thankfully the German rapper-singer has a number of other things going for him, including a catchy new single and an obvious way with the ladies.

Directed by Lars Timmerman, “Dream” follows the exploits of two twin brothers trying to win a young woman’s affections on a dating show.

Despite the fact both brothers are obviously rich (and thus possess a fine assortment of ascots), it soon becomes apparent that our lucky lady only has eyes for guys in panda masks.

How’s that for substance?

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