“What Makes a Bloke a Man?” – Findus Mancakes

“What Makes a Bloke a Man?”

Findus Mancakes

Introduce Findus Mancakes as a humorous, masculine brand.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

Findus held a “manly video contest” at MOFILM 2011 in order to source a video for Findus Mancakes – a new line of snack pancakes they were launching in 2011. To establish Findus Mancakes as a go-to snack for 18-34 year-old males, Findus wanted a production company to create a video promoting the manliness of their mancakes in a unique, humorous manner that would resonate with their target audience.

To promote Findus Mancakes, we created an instructional video revealing just what it is that makes an “average bloke” a man. Following an average guy through his daily routine, we keep a running tally of the relative manliness of his various endeavours – showing viewers just what it takes to be a Findus Man. Ultimately our lucky bloke proves his manliness in that most manly of ways: by sitting down to enjoy a healthy serving of Findus Mancakes!

This spot won first place in the Mofilm.com competition at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress in 2011.

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