“Mythomania” – Them Things


It’s a matter of love and Death in “Mythomania”, the latest video from Newcastle psychedelic rockers Them Things.

Directed by Ross S Anderson and produced by production agency Dustfarm, “Mythomania” follows the Grim Reaper as he goes about his daily business – swigging Wild Turkey, making house calls, and harvesting souls.

Alas killing everyone you meet is a bit of a downer, and we quickly realize that Death is one depressed dude. That all changes when he meets a special young lady who shares his interests – such as unleashing swarms of bees upon unsuspecting band members in the woods.

Sadly even love isn’t enough to halt the pale horse of Death…or is it?

Artist: Them Things
Title: “Mythomania”
Director: Ross S Anderson
Production Agency: Dustfarm


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