“NightShift” – Aterlo Networks

“NightShift Explainer”

Aterlo Networks

Showcase Aterlo’s NightShift service and highlight how it works in an entertaining manner.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

We partnered with Waterloo start-up Aterlo Networks to create an explainer video for their NightShift service.

NightShift is an add-on for your home router that allows you to pre-load video content from streaming services like Netflix. Once pre-loaded, NightShift allows user you to stream your favourite content directly from a USB key.

Amazing, right? There was only one problem: Aterlo’s target customers (female Netflix users aged 34-55) were having a tough time understanding how the product worked.

Influenced by 1942’s “Casablanca”, we brought the frustration of buffering to life with the help of two black and white film stars.

To learn more about NightShift and register for a free 30-day trial, visit www.gonightshift.com.

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