Dinosaur Sex – Okamoto Condoms


CG animator Kohta Morie and video production agency Transistor Studio created this hardcore dinosaur sex commercial for Okamoto Zero One Condoms.

What starts as an apparent battle worthy of Jurassic World, takes an odd turn when the dinosaurs do the deed.  Rather than subtle innuendo, as per the standard condom spot, Morie gives us a hardcore T-Rex romp, in order to promote modern day safe sex. The only problem (for the She-Rex, anyway), is that there is TOO MUCH sensation with the ultra-thin Zero One Condoms.

Morie has a seriously impressive body of video animation work; however, as all creative people know, you haven’t truly reached the pinnacle of your craft until you can create a realistic portrayal of extinct creatures doing the deed.

Jurassic Park? More like Jurassic Pork!

Artist: Okamoto Zero One Condoms
Title: Okamoto Zero One – Dinosaur Sex
Director: Kohta Morie
Production Agency: Transistor Studio


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