Sandvine – PTS Virtual Series Explainer

“PTS Virtual Series Explainer”


Showcase how Sandvine’s PTS Virtual Series broke the terabit barrier in a recent throughput trial.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

As announced on October 5th, 2015, Waterloo-based network policy control experts Sandvine achieved 1.1 Tbps of throughput within a policy control virtual network function (VNF) with it’s PTS Virtual Series.

Trust us when we say that’s exactly as complicated as it sounds! To showcase this achievement, Sandvine wanted to partner with a production company to create an explainer video to highlight the trial’s results.

Using a combination of animation and live-action footage, we take viewers from Sandvine’s data centre through a series of animated comparisons, showing the PTS Virtual Series smoking the competition.

You can learn more about the trial here.

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