Sauza 901 Makes Hard Times for Limes

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Sauza 901 – “No Limes Needed”

Justin Timberlake has come a long way since he first puppet-danced his way into the hearts of our high school girlfriends.

After several legendary performances with Lonely Island and Jimmy Fallon, Timberlake’s comedy chops have almost made us forget his years in poodle-headed purgatory.



“No Limes Needed” is Timberlake’s latest comedic offering, and forms the basis of a campaign for Sauza 901 – a premium tequila the singer developed in partnership with Casa Sauza.

Recalling “Goodfellas” and countless documentaries about the cocaine cowboys of the 1980’s, “No Limes Needed” chronicles the lime’s rise as an essential accompaniment to tequila shots. Sadly the high times aren’t meant to last, as Sauza 901 smoothness gradually squeezes limes out of the chaser scene.

While we admire Timberlake’s moxie, it does raise one question: if bar limes become extinct, what will drunk college dudes squirt in their eyes when doing tequila suicides?

Over to you, Lance.


Johnsonville Sausages – “Stay at Home Son”

With our next video, we highlight the horrific aftermath of countless keg-stands: broke-ass grown men living with their parents.

Contrary to their portrayal in movies like “Stepbrothers” and “Grandma’s Boy“, the reality of the live-in son is far less whimsical hijinks and more “listening for the garage door with a tube sock in one hand and the mouse in the other.”

Don’t ask us how we know that.

Joining a family that is obviously trying to show their bearded, balding son the door, Johnsonville Sausage’s “Stay At Home Son” likely hits close to home for millions of dudes with Art degrees and neck beards.

Smells like unemployment mixed with a crippling fear of dying alone – our favourite!

twenty one pilots – “Stressed Out”

Our last video sees Columbus duo Twenty One Pilots attempting to relive their misspent youth in their video for “Stressed Out”.

Opening with singer Tyler Joseph rolling through the suburbs on a man-sized big wheel, Joseph eventually arrives at drummer Josh Dun’s house to whine about days gone by jam.

Pining for the good old days, the pair later drink juiceboxes on the curb while rhyming about treehouses, rocketships, and not having to pay taxes (or something like that).

A melancholy commentary on the fleeting nature of youth, “Stressed Out” reminds us all that there’s no escaping the 9-5 grind…so we might as well blow our cash on tequila shots and move back in with our parents.

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