“Happy Birthday” Super Bowl 50 Teaser – Snickers


A Snickers Super Bowl 50 birthday wish gets a little odd in this quirky teaser for Snickers big game ad, by agency BBDO New York and production company O Positive.

The spot was directed by Jim Jenkins, who helmed last year’s strange/awesome Snickers spot, starring Danny Trejo.

The grainy, black and white video opens with footage that seems to be the introduction of Marlyn Monroe for her birthday song for JFK at Madison Square Garden in 1962; however, as “she” saunters to the microphone, something seems a bit… off.

We’re not 100% certain who the man in the dress and heels is, but we’re pretty sure he isn’t down with cuddling.


Artist: Snickers
Title: “Happy Birthday” Super Bowl 50 Teaser
Director: Jim Jenkins
Production Company: O Positive
Advertising Agency: BBDO N.Y.


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