“Soul Man Rocket” – Mazarin Cut

“Soul Man Rocket” (Music Video)

Mazarin Cut

Create a unique video concept for Mazarin Cut’s single “Soul Man Rocket”.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

Mazarin Cut are a Norwegian indie rock duo known for making “happy music with a twist of lime.” After seeing our video “I’m a Baby”, they approached our production company about creating a music video for their single “Soul Man Rocket”.

Filmed over the course of a weekend, the concept is a classic love triangle: two guys in a band fall in love with the same girl. The twist? They all have hands for heads and a predilection for playing music in their underpants. Using vibrant colours and split screen technology, we created an upbeat, entertaining video that complements Mazarin Cut’s sound and makes “Soul Man Rocket” a memorable visual experience.

The video went on to be featured on numerous online video streaming sites, including WIMP and Vimeo.

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