Speak Freely – Rebtel


“Cut the BS”  is the message in this funny and honest video production created in house by Rebtel, with the help of digital agency Carrot Creative.

The video starts as many branded commercials do these days, but then takes a turn for the interesting when the voice over actor becomes irritated.

The video was made with a mere $15,000, and contains only stock video footage, and music from the YouTube free library. A spokesperson for the brand said that they got sick of going to different agencys that were all trying to sell them the same thing: a generic, cookie-cutter “inspirational youth” video

We at Boom Unit Video couldn’t be more sick of seeing many versions of the same “our products are for people who seize the day” branded videos.

Well done, Rebtel.

Artist: Rebtel
Title: Speak freely
Director: Rebtel
Production Company: stock footage
Advertising Agency: Carrot Creative


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