“Speed Dater” – AOL

“Speed Dater”


Show how AOL keeps young people “in the know”.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

AOL.com wanted a 60-second film dramatizing the benefits of AOL’s “get in the know” ticker – a live newsfeed on their website that allows visitors to quickly tap through the most important 40 stories of the moment. Specifically they wanted a spot that would encourage young people to check AOL before heading out so they can “get in the know.”

To visualize the concept of a constantly-refreshing newsfeed, we likened it to a similarly rapid-fire experience: speed dating. The spot revolves around a young woman learning about speed dating through AOL, and then giving it a try. As she cycles through matches, each reminds her of a story she read on AOL – some interesting, some awkward, but all informative and entertaining.

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