“Turbo Killer” – Carpenter Brut


“Kung Fury” collides with “Death Proof” in Seth Ickerman’s explosive new video for Carpenter Brut’s “Turbo Killer”.

A sci-fi speedball stuffed with 80’s nostalgia and incredible VFX, “Turbo Killer” follows a masked crusader as he races to save a cosmic queen trapped in a bubble by a shotgun-wielding sadist.

The result is a high-octane race for space, as a series of classic cars tear up the CG background on route to a showdown in the stars.

Is it 100% coherent? No.

Is it 100% awesome? Absolutely.

Artist: Carpenter Brut
Title: “Turbo Killer”
Director: Seth Ickerman
Production Agency: Seth Ickerman Studio


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