“We Are What We Dew” – Mountain Dew

“We Are What We Dew”

Mountain Dew

Tell an inspirational story about people who live life on their own terms, and have a damn good time doing it.

Produced by:
Boom Unit

As part of a re-branding project, Mountain Dew wanted to move away from the overtly extreme themes of their earlier marketing, and towards more inspirational, authentic brand stories.

This included the creation of a video series telling the stories of people who exemplify this new brand philosophy. Focusing on individuals who are unique, passionate, original, and part of a community/crew, the series showcases people who love what they do, and have a damned good time doing it.

Our spot focuses on Dave Guiry – the President of the Calgary Wheelchair Rugby Association. Paralysed in an ATV accident in 2006, Dave tells the story of how wheelchair rugby helped him find himself again following his accident. Reigniting a passion he thought he had lost, Dave wills himself to the highest levels of the sport, and dedicates his life to helping others find that same passion.

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