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Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

College Humor – “Why Every New Macbook Needs a Different Goddamn Charger”

It’s a well-known fact that Apple changes their charger heads more often than Katy Perry swaps diamond-encrusted bustiers during a live peformance.

As every Apple product is a unique flower worthy of reverence, it’s just something we’ve come to accept.

Well, “impotently tolerate” might be a more accurate term.

Thankfully College Humor is here to take Apple to task, calling them on switching their pin configurations like a drunken Peyton Manning calling audibles at the Lingerie Bowl.

“Why Every New Macbook Needs a Different Goddamn Charger” joins quick-change artists Jony Ive and Tim Cook, as they share the real reason why they alter the charging port each time they ship a new product.


Glad we cleared that up.

Acadomia – “George”

Promoting a love of learning among middle-school students has come a long way since we were kids.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, strategies for sparking children’s intellectual curiosity started and ended with tacking up a few posters of Uncle L in the library.


Inspiring, no?

Today, the power of video allows educators to create immersive intellectual experiences – taking children to planes of enlightenment that the rugged good looks of  Harrison Ford could only hint at.

Such is the theme of Acadomia‘s “George” – a spot created by Agence les Gaulois to promote Acadomia’s academic and tutoring services.

Directed by Jeppe Ronde, “George” is a thrilling ride through history, taking viewers from the cockpit of a World War II fighter to the depths of space – all through the eyes of one curious student.

Beautifully shot and edited, “George” makes the projector-powered educational films of our youth look like  the cave paintings at Lascaux.

Is it too late to ask for a refund on our public school education?

Modest Mouse – “Lampshades on Fire”

We go from intellectual enlightenment to the mass termination of brain cells with our third video, Modest Mouse’s “Lampshades on Fire”.

Directed by Jorge Torres Torres, “Lampshades on Fire” is a stylish pastiche of young people getting hammered and making poor decisions.

Featuring a performance by renowned teenage hellion Natasha Lyonne, “Lampshades on Fire” is the visual equivalent of drinking a litre of vodka, eating a fistful of mushrooms, and wandering onto the set of a Harmony Korine movie.

Answering the question “What would happen if Arcade Fire made a Gap commercial?”, the video’s kaleidoscope of debauchery is as stunning as it is disorienting.

While we’re still not entirely sure what happened, we’ll take two of whatever this guy’s having:


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