Pizza Hut Makes a Mitey Disgusting Crust

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Pizza Hut – “Mitey Stuffed Crust”

Every world traveller knows that sinking feeling of ordering a local delicacy only to discover it’s clearly an acquired taste.

And while most would expect local favourites like Fugu and fried spiders to challenge the palette, pizza has generally been a safe bet no matter where you are in the world.

Until now.

Enter the Mitey Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hut. Available only in Australia, the Mitey Stuffed features a heaping helping of vegemite crammed in the crust – infusing it with that bitter, malty goodness kids go wild for.

To their credit, Pizza Hut’s video campaign makes no illusions that anyone outside of Australia will enjoy a bouillon-flavoured blast in their pizza crust. Serving Mitey Stuffed slices to unsuspecting backpackers in an Australian hostel, the spot captures their looks of revulsion after taking a bite.

Time will tell how successful Pizza Hut’s attempt to push pizza patriotism will be, but early returns suggest a lot of upchucking down under:


Sia – “Elastic Heart”

Keeping with our international theme is Australian singer Sia’s video for “Elastic Heart”.

Best-known for her work with David Guetta (“Titanium”, “She Wolf”, “Wild Ones”), Sia recently scored an international smash with her video for “Chandelier”. Featuring twelve year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, the video was the seventh most-watched video on YouTube in 2014.

“Elastic Heart” again enlists the help of Ziegler, pairing her with tortured thespian du jour Shia LaBeouf in a video that has sparked a ton of controversy.

Directed by Daniel Askill, “Elastic Heart” features Ziegler and LaBeouf squaring off in an interpretive dance cage-match, representing the two sides of Sia’s psyche battling for…something.

Of particular note are the newly-buff LaBeouf’s aggressive take on jazz hands and impressively acrobatic lurking skills, which prove an awkward foil for Ziegler’s well-practiced contortionism.

After much frolicking and leaping, the video ends with a caged LaBeouf doing some of the finest pining since Wilson made his exit in “Castaway”.


The video’s suggestive imagery has awakened the classic “pedophilia vs. art” debate, prompting Sia to publicly apologize to those who felt “triggered” by the video.

Offensive or not, the video continues to pile up views on YouTube, currently approaching the 100,000,000 view mark.

Leonardo Dalessandri – “Watchtower of Turkey”

Our third video this week holds the distinction of being the most impressively cinematic travel video we’ve ever seen.

Leonardo Dalessandi’s “Watchtower of Turkey” was recently selected as one of Vimeo’s top 10 videos of 2014, and with good reason.

Featuring 280 different shots in just over three-and-a-half minutes, Dalessandri paints a vivid picture of Turkey with it’s people and culture at the center.

For more on the video and to find out what Dalessandri is up to next, check out this interview on FCP.CO.

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