RocketJump’s Saturday Morning Gorefest

Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

RocketJump – “Every 90’s Commercial Ever”

Have you ever wondered what the 90’s would be like if someone laced your Capri Sun juicebox with LSD?

Web video wizards RocketJump certainly have, and the result is their amazing “Every 90’s Commercial Ever”.

Paying homage to the mind-blowing, nausea-inducing, schizophrenic excitement of 90’s kids commercials, RocketJump’s “banned commercial” for Liquid Slam is a nostalgic ride through Saturday mornings past.

Bright colors, corny sound effects, an over-abundance of high-fives – it’s like every regrettable future celebrity product promo ever filmed rolled into one neat package.

That is, until the grotesquely fused bodies of several teleported pre-teens show up and begin vomiting acid all over everything. Excellent!


For more flame-throwing, face-melting 90’s fun from RocketJump, check out the behind the scenes video here.

Citizens! – “Lighten Up”

We trade in our mom jeans for bottomless French models in our second video, “Lighten Up” by London indie band Citizens!.

A tasteful fusion of live-action and cartoon imagery that recalls “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (mercifully minus the shirtless Bob Hoskins), “Lighten Up” uses animation to accentuate the movements of several models as they pirouette through the streets of France.

Directed by Ernest Desumbila, the spot has a distinctly retro-European feel – combining washed-out colors and soft lighting to make the animations pop as they weave through the action.

For more from Desumbila, be sure to check out his showreel here.

Trojan – “Fifty Shades of Real Pleasure”

Our last video comes to us from Trojan, who seek to educate the Banana Republic crowd on the dangers of BDSM.

Playing on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon that convinced WASPs everywhere to exchange their sweater vests for gimp masks, “Fifty Shades of Real Pleasure” finds a young couple regaling their relationship counsellor with tales of their suspect S&M skills.

From foiled ninja-rape fantasies to duct-tape bondage, our khaki-crossed lovers can’t seem to do anything right. Thankfully their therapist is there to drop some Dr.Phil-style knowledge that sends everyone home happy, and ensures the couple’s sex swing finds a good home.

Directed by Laura Murphy (best known for MTV’s “Girl Code”), the video pokes fun at the suburban BDSM craze by subtly suggesting that cattle prods and car batteries might not be for everyone – go figure.

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