The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly

Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

Apple – “Make a Film With iPad”

When you’re thinking about Martin Scorsese, three things come to mind:

  1. Robert De Niro losing his mind
  2. Joe Pesci meeting a bad end
  3. Peppy high-schoolers making art films on their iPads

Wait, what?

You heard right: the legendary “Goodfellas” director has lent his voice to Apple’s new youth-focused “Make a Film with iPad” campaign.

Promoting the iPad as the tool of choice for independent filmmakers, the spot follows several high school students tasked with writing, shooting, and editing short films over the span of a few days.

The catch? The films must be produced using only iPads.

Borrowing sections from Scorsese’s commencement address to the Tisch School of the Arts Class of 2014, the spot encourages iPad users to keep working towards their creative goals.

Preferably while using Final Draft Writer, Garage Band, and Video Grade, of course.

While short on practical tips for filming baseball-bat murder scenes, Scorsese’s no-nonsense advice provides the perfect accompaniment to the colorful visuals throughout the video – highlighting the hard work and dedication that lead to moments of inspiration.

For more on the “Make a Film With iPad” campaign, you can check out the official site here.

Chomp Chomp Comedy – “Ultimate Dad Joke Duel (Punslingers)”

Just as surely as Scorsese’s words can inspire tomorrow’s filmmakers to new creative heights, a well-timed Dad joke can drive them to drink.

Such is the concept of “The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel” by Chomp Chomp Comedy.

A homage to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, “The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel” pits two punslinging Dads against one another in a poncho-packed battle of the wits.

The puns come fast and furious, culminating in a bloody steak-themed finale that we needed to consult Reddit to understand.

Featured on College Humor’s CH2 YouTube channel, “The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel” gets extra props for it’s subtle shout-out to 1999’s flare-filled “Office Space”.

For more from Chomp Chomp Comedy, be sure to check out their YouTube channel here.

clipping. – “Summertime”

For our last video we join Los Angeles hip hop group clipping. for some highly-sophisticated beach creeping.

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada (Black Taxi – “Take Off The Edge”), “Summertime” takes viewers on a guerilla-style tour of the streets of Los Angeles.

Like true guerillas, Estrada’s production crew hit and run with their cameras, filming unsuspecting subjects and later obscuring their features by placing the eyes and mouths of rappers Daveed Diggs and King Tee over their faces.

In addition to being highly cost-effective, the motion-tracked mouths and eyes give the video a uniquely alien vibe that recalls John Carpenter’s “They Live”.

Before getting sidelined by a nosy traffic cop (“Permits? What do you mean permits?”), the shoot manages to piss off numerous old people, bodybuilders, fast food employees, and a host of pasty white dudes at the beach.

Not bad for a day’s work in the summertime.

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