Web Video Watchlist: Super Bowl 2015 Edition!

In this special edition of the Web Video Watchlist, director Paul SG Boyd takes a look at some early commercial entries for Super Bowl 2015.

“#KimsDataStash” – T-Mobile

Who better to shine a light on the vapid, frivolous nature of Internet culture than a woman who has made millions of dollars exploiting it?

Featuring “Kim Kardashian West – Famous Person”, “#KimsDataStash” from T-Mobile is a pseudo-PSA encouraging T-Mobile customers to take advantage of the wireless provider’s Data Stash feature.

Why? So T-Mobile users have more data to waste ogling Kardashian’s outfits, pining for vacations they’ll never be able to afford, and marvelling at the impressive shadow Kanye West’s jaw casts when he’s mean mugging.


“Journey Home” – GoDaddy

Sometimes defiling the treasured memory of a beloved cultural artefact isn’t the key to viewers’ hearts. Shocking, I know.

Sadly this is a lesson GoDaddy learned the hard way, as their “Journey Home” spot (a take-off on Budweiser’s much-shared “Puppy Love” spot) has earned the derision of animal rights activists everywhere.

Forced to pull the spot from the Super Bowl broadcast, GoDaddy has promised a more whimsical spot to take it’s place.

More whimsical than puppy mill humour? We’ll believe it when we see it.

“The Brady Bunch” – Snickers

Picking up where their 2010 Super Bowl commercial left off, Snickers rehashes a famous scene from “The Brady Bunch” where Peter hits Marcia in the face with a football.

The twist? An upset Marcia is played by Danny Trejo, and he’s fixing to return the favour in a typically Machete-esque fashion.

Produced by BBDO New York, the video is currently piling up views on YouTube faster than Trejo piled up bodies in “Machete Kills”.

While we won’t spoil the surprise ending, take it from us: it’s more fun that a plane-full of convicts headed to an Alabama Supermax Prison.

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