Taco Bell Fights Fast Food Fascism

Director Paul SG Boyd shares his favourite web videos from the past week. Any theme, any format – it’s a web video free-for-all!

Taco Bell – “Routine Republic”

The fast food industry is founded on systematic execution. Pre-packaged food, cooked for a predetermined time, and dressed with precise quantities of mass-produced dressing – delicious!

McDonald’s has built a billion-dollar empire on this precision. Ensuring customers receive the same product in the same manner no matter who or where they are, consistency has long been the burger giant’s hallmark.

Ironically this consistency may now be it’s downfall, as the McDonaldLand empire has been eroded by fresh offerings from “fast casual” restaurants like Panera Bread and Chipotle.

This rejection of mass-produced fare is at the heart of Taco Bell’s “Routine Republic”, a 1984-inspired spot that takes aim at McDonalds’s “fascist food” approach.

Set in a dystopian future where “happiness is the same breakfast”, “Routine Republic” tells the story of two young people who orchestrate an escape from the clown gestapo and make a run for the border (see what we did there?).


Created by Deutsch (the award-winning agency behind Volkswagen’s “The Force” and GoDaddy’s “Perfect Match“), “Routine Republic” boasts some impressive production values to go along with it’s subtle (and not-so-subtle) digs at McDonald’s.

For more chalupa-powered propaganda, be sure to visit the Routine Republic home page here.

MAX – “Gibberish”

The boy band world was reeling this week after some dude quit One Direction, apparently no longer having any use for money or babes.

Certainly sounds like gibberish to us.

Thankfully singer/actor Max Schneider was there to pick up the slack, releasing his new single “Gibberish” at the YouTube Music Awards.

When we first saw the video we dismissed it as prescribing to The Timberlake Formula, which goes something like this:

Handsome pop star + attractive female lead + visually interesting location + faceless backup dancers = $$$

However, what starts as a standard dance video quickly goes sideways, as it’s revealed that much of “Gibberish” was filmed in reverse – allowing for some crazy effects involving tossed jackets, thrown water, and some of the fanciest glitter gun work this side of Ke$ha.


Directed by Greg Jardin, much of the video appears to be shot in a single take, which is impressive given the timing and choreography involved.

For more on the making of the video, you can check out a quick behind-the-scenes teaser here.

Canal+ – “Unicorns”

Our third video comes to us from Canal+, who share a story from Noah’s Ark that Russell Crowe never had the balls to tell.

Upon noticing the lack of unicorns on his ark, Noah sends a young sheep herder to find a pair of the mythic creatures in mid-apocalypse.

In an awesome display of testicular fortitude, the herder manages to find two unicorns and bring them back to the ark – earning mad props from Noah for his troubles.

There’s just one problem with the “pair” he brings back…


Produced by agency BETC Paris (who also brought us “The Bear“), “Unicorns” receives an epic treatment reminiscent of a Hollwood blockbuster – albeit with a hysterical twist ending.

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